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Do you know what’s fun about junk removal? If you are someone who can’t think of any other answer than “nothing,” then you should give Lenny's Trash Removal a call and let us take care of all the trash in your backyard. Whether you need demolition, waste disposal, tree removal, or lot clearing in Cape May Court House, NJ or any of the areas listed below, contact us 24 hours a day, 7-days a week!

We Serve The Following Locations:

  • Dennisville, NJ;

  • Diamond Beach, NJ;

  • Tuckahoe, NJ;

  • Villas, NJ;

  • Erma, NJ

Besides offering all the services we mentioned above, we also offer a professional dumpster service for all the major material groups, such as paper, plastics, and more. They are easy to use and afford. Depending on your requirements, you will get a suitable dumpster, which you can start filling immediately. Learn more by calling us.

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The obvious advantage of using the professional services of a local trash removal company is cost efficiency and convenience. But even beyond that, it’s just easier, faster, and more thorough. If your yard is currently filled up with electrical appliances, furniture, construction debris, or something way too large that ruin the curb appeal of your property. We’ll take them away!

Call (609) 425-8725 today and get more information about our services in all the areas we cover!

Services List

  • Demolition Services
  • Junk Removal
  • Mobile Home Demolition
  • Shed Removal
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Flood Damage Restoration
  • Lot Clearing
  • Interior Demolition
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