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An Affordable Junk Removal Service for Your Property

Do you need to dispose of a large bulk of items? Just finished with a house addition construction, and you need to get rid of all the post-building materials? In case you are looking for a professional trash removal company in Cape May Court House, NJ, simply stay on this page to learn how we can help you!

The Services We Offer

We specialize in providing a professional dumpster service to our clients, and we can also pick up their junk whenever they need it. In addition, Lenny's Trash Removal also offers demolition services that cover buildings, garages, sheds, mobile homes, campers, swimming pools, decks, and more. If your project requires lot clearing, we can do that too. Visit our Services page for more.

Demolition Services

Demolition Services
Whether you need to demolish a wall, entire building, or small home addition, our company has you covered. We possess all the equipment necessary to complete projects of any size.

Junk Removal

Junk Removal
We offer comprehensive junk removal services for the needs of my clients. We can remove all kinds of junk, construction & demolition debris, and other trash. Contact us today!

Mobile Home Demolition

Mobile Home Demolition
Our company offers efficient mobile home demolition services. Dismantling and demolishing mobile homes can be unexpectedly dangerous, so leave it to our professionals.

Shed Removal

Shed Removal
Call us if you want to demolish your old shed, and our team will raise it to the ground without any hassle. We will be careful not to damage anything else around your shed.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration
Call us when you want to restore your property to its former glory after a fire. We can fix various areas in your home, work on the exterior parts, or restore the entire interior.

Flood Damage Restoration

Flood Damage Restoration
Choose us when you need water damage repair services, and we will ensure your satisfaction. Our specialists will extract the water, clean everything, and fix any damaged areas.

Lot Clearing

Lot Clearing
When you need lot clearing solutions, our reputable company has you covered. We can clear the trees and shrubs from any plot of land and make way for your project.

Interior Demolition

Interior Demolition
Our interior demolition services will cover all your needs. We can take down obsolete house additions or separate walls and have a full range of services available for you.

Junk Removal Made Simple

Not only is your space freed of clutter and all the unwanted items that fill your basement, but you also help the environment. Most residential and commercial property owners don’t know the best ways to dispose of the different materials in an eco-friendly way. Some people just don’t have time to do it themselves or can’t figure out the logistics of it, so they never do. That’s why we are here!  

Dumpster Service by Lenny's Trash Removal

Making It Easy For You

Whether you need a trash removal service in Cape May Court House, NJ and the other areas we serve, we will be there to get rid of your old appliances, large household items & furniture, lawn equipment, or large bulks of paper. We do it 24/7. We’ll swing by and take out the trash, whenever you need it!

Trash Removal Company in Cape May Court House, NJ

We Serve the Surrounding Areas!

As a flexible company, we also serve:

  • Dennisville, NJ

  • Diamond Beach, NJ

  • Tuckahoe, NJ

  • Villas, NJ

  • Erma, NJ

If you are ready to hire a professional junk removal service contractor in your area, give Lenny's Trash Removal a phone call today!


Client’s Testimonial
No better team

No one better than Lenny and his team for fast, professional results. They hauled away old construction material, & debris in addition to weeds and a large amount of underbrush..
It was a big job and they took care of it in no time at all.
We’ve used them before and would call them again.

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